Top-Rated Electrical in Citrus Park, FL

Residential house natural gas backup generatorSince 1989, the experts at Hoffman Electrical & A/C have served the residents of Citrus Park with comprehensive electrical services. When your home needs installations, repairs, or maintenance tune-ups handled by a professional electrician, the Hoffman Electrical & A/C team offers same-day repairs and transparent service you can trust.

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Effective lighting is critical to keeping your home beautiful, safe, and convenient indoors and out. The right lighting can transform a room or outdoor space, and poor wiring can be a waste of energy and a fire hazard — so let our team handle all your lighting needs with services such as:

  • Recessed lighting: Recessed lighting adds style and utility to any room, allowing you to have eye-catching insets with light focused exactly where you need it, as narrow or broad as that might be.
  • Outdoor lighting: Whether you’re thinking about making it easier to enjoy parties at night, keeping your property safe with security lighting, or adding curb appeal, we can help meet any outdoor lighting goals.
  • Dimmers: Manage your home’s brightness and energy consumption with dimmer solutions from Hoffman Electrical & A/C.
  • Pool Lighting: Your pool doesn’t need to be a daytime-only space; with proper pool lighting from our team, you’ll enjoy evening swimming safely with full visibility.

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In Florida, it’s not uncommon for intense weather—or simple wear and tear on the grid from the climate—to leave your home powerless and your safety and security in question. A whole-home or standby generator can keep the lights on, your air conditioner running, your medical equipment active, and your food cold in the refrigerator without needing additional effort. It’s a great investment into safety, convenience, and peace of mind, and Hoffman Electrical & A/C will gladly help you make the most of it.



Whether it’s the basic circuits, outlets, and switches of your home, the lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, or major appliances with unique power demands, the expert team at Hoffman Electrical & A/C will gladly help Citrus Park residents get the reliable, safe, code-compliant wiring they need. Our services include:

  • Appliance wiring: Wiring a new appliance can be difficult, especially if your existing circuits don’t support the power draw. We can get your new oven or washer and dryer set running right.
  • Kitchen wiring: Kitchen wiring can offer unique challenges, as you need plenty of outlets in a space that can become hazardous with water, steam, and more. We’ll ensure you’re completely safe and compliant with GFCIs and other safety features.
  • Pool and hot tub: Electricity and water can be a scary combination, so you want experts you can trust to handle your pool and hot tub wiring.

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Our Other Services

If you have any other electrical needs, you can always count on the Hoffman Electrical & A/C team to assist; resolve circuit breaker issues with panel upgrades, schedule electrical installation for a new addition or outlets, or request quick, reliable repairs for broken switches, flickering lights, and other hazards.

Why Choose Us?

At Hoffman Electrical & A/C, we’ve served the Citrus Park area as a family-owned and family-operated for years. We’re committed to excellence in staff, products, and results, so we’re happy to back our work with strong warranties.

When you need electrical services in Citrus Park, FL, call Hoffman Electrical & A/C at 866-238-3243 or contact us online to schedule the assistance you need.


Why is my electrical panel so hot?

This usually indicates a panel running near its limit, meaning you need a panel upgrade for safety and reliability. It could also suggest a faulty circuit or appliance connected to said circuit, pushing the panel to its limit when it shouldn’t. At worst, it could mean a circuit breaker isn’t tripping when it should, creating a major hazard.

How long do whole-home generators last?

A properly maintained whole-home generator with repairs from time to time as needed will last decades, with many lasting 30 or more years.