Lightning Arrester Installation in Hillsborough & Pinellas County

Florida weather can be extremely unpredictable and often changes at the drop of a hat. Which means that as a Tampa area resident, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of thunderstorms considering we live in the Lightning Capitol of North America! You need to guard your home or commercial property against the dangers caused by lightning strikes. Hoffman Electrical can help prevent electrical damage to your current system by installing a surge arrester that diverts the electrical energy from the lightning strike to the ground, away from your electrical devices!

Protect your home or building from the damage caused by Florida’s unexpected thunderstorms! Contact or call Hoffman Electrical at 866-238-3243866-238-3243 for lightning arrester installation to help prevent the lightning’s electricity from ruining your electrical system!

Property Damage Caused by Lightning

If a home or commercial property is struck by lightning, there are two major hazards you should be cautious of:

  • Fire danger – Wood and other flammable building materials can easily be ignited anywhere an exposed lightning channel comes in contact with (or passes through) them. When struck by lightning, the most common place for a fire to occur is on the roof or in the attic of your property!
  • Power surge damage – If lightning strikes your residence or commercial facility and enters the electrical wiring, the explosive surge can damage even non-electronic appliances that are connected! A lightning strike can be significant and will likely affect, and possibly irreversibly damage, all the electronic devices connected to your home’s electrical wiring.

Contact Hoffman Electrical today if you want to guard your property against lightning damage! If it’s happened to your Florida residence before, it could happen again. It’s not true that lightning never strikes twice!

What Is the Purpose of a Surge Arrester?

Don’t mistake lightning arresters for lightning rods—which do help to divert lightning surges, but not in the same way as a surge arrester. A surge arrester’s main purpose is to protect sensitive electrical equipment that gets struck by lightning by diverting the lightning to the ground. Without one, irreparable damage can be done to your home’s electrical wiring.

Keep these factors in mind when deciding whether a surge arrester is the right choice for your home:

  • It does not absorb lightning
  • It does not stop lightning from striking
  • It protects equipment electrically in parallel with it
  • It limits the voltage produced by the lightning
  • It diverts the lightning to the ground

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Why Choose Hoffman Electrical?

At Hoffman Electrical, our electricians are licensed and trained to meet all local and state electrical codes and regulations. When it comes to lightning arrester installation in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater FL areas, we have the tools and experience to safely wire and connect the surge arresters for your home or building. When you choose Hoffman Electrical, you receive:

Surge Arrester Installation in Tampa & St. Petersburg, FL

As a Florida resident, you understand how important it is to protect your property from the damage caused by lightning. If you’re ready to install lightning arresters in your home or at your commercial property, contact us today for a free surge arrester estimate in Hillsborough or Pinellas County!

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