Ductless AC Repair in the Tampa Area

When you’re looking for ductless mini-split system repair services, you want a team that shows up on time, is properly prepared, and is capable of handling any issue. Hoffman Electrical & A/C can do all of the above! Our local HVAC company has been helping homeowners since 1989 — nothing is more important to us than your comfort and total satisfaction!

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Hoffman Electrical & A/C Offers Same-Day Ductless AC Repair

If you’re experiencing an issue with your ductless heating and cooling system, you shouldn’t have to stress about the time of day or day of the week. At Hoffman Electrical & A/C, our team understands that an HVAC system can encounter trouble at any time. Because of this, we choose to offer our customers same-day service!

When you call for same-day service, we will have extensively trained and equipped AC technicians on the way as soon as possible. We will take every step necessary to ensure you get a quality repair that returns your home to normalcy.

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Signs You Need Ductless Mini-Split Repair

In most cases, problems with a heating or cooling system will start as small, unassuming changes. An odd sound here, a weird cycle there. In time, these problems quickly spiral out of control, leading to very expensive repairs or even an early ductless HVAC replacement.

If you spot any of these smaller problems, call for repair immediately!

  • Weird noises – Ductless HVAC units are known for being pretty quiet while operating. If you hear any grinding, squeaking, or ticking noises, then you likely have a worn-down or damaged component that needs replacing.
  • Noticeable increases in humidity – When your HVAC system fails to dehumidify your home, you notice in a hurry here in Tampa. Feeling damp? Call for ductless HVAC repair!
  • Cold or hot spots in the home – A ductless system, especially a network of them, should never have trouble maintaining an even temperature in your home.
  • Poor indoor air quality – Modern ductless AC and heat pump units utilize very sophisticated filtration systems. If your home air seems much dustier than usual, it may well be time to call for a repair.
  • Spikes in energy costs – Increases in energy costs are a clear sign that your ductless system is running longer and harder than it should be. Often it does this to compensate for a problem that should be repaired as soon as possible.

Schedule Ductless AC Repair in Tampa and Clearwater, Florida

Whether the issue is large or small, simple or complex, you shouldn’t have to worry about finding a ductless HVAC company that can handle it. Get the quality you deserve by calling on the dedicated HVAC repair team at Hoffman Electrical & A/C!

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