Clearwater Commercial Standby Generator Services

Providing Generac Generator Installation & Repair in Clearwater, Florida

Is your business prepared to operate when there is no electrical power in Clearwater? Heavy rains and high winds from surprise thunderstorms can turn any beautiful Florida day into a business’s worst nightmare—so don’t let power outages affect your bottom line! At Hoffman Electrical, we provide commercial standby generator installation and repair, so your Clearwater business can stay open when your competitors can’t.

Do you find yourself asking for “generator services near me”? If so, contact our local electricians to schedule Generac generator services, including generator installation and repair in Clearwater!

What Is a Standby Generator?

Have you ever left a store and noticed its neighboring businesses do not have power? That’s because the store you were in has a standby generator, also known as a backup generator. A standby generator is a generator supplying backup power to commercial properties.

A commercial standby generator keeps your HVAC systems operating, lights on, and security systems and electronics—computers, cash registers, etc.—running.

For commercial generator installation or repair in Clearwater, Florida, contact Hoffman Electrical!

Authorized Generac® Dealer in Clearwater

Hoffman Electrical is an authorized Generac dealer. No matter the big or small your business is, we’ll meet with you and perform a comprehensive analysis of your current electrical system to determine what size Generac commercial standby generator is right for your office, store, warehouse, or other commercial facility.

Generac generator installation and repair in Clearwater

Call 866-238-3243 to schedule generator installation in Clearwater, Florida and the surrounding areas.

Commercial Generator Installation in Clearwater, Florida

Depending on the size of your Clearwater business, your commercial property may require a single-phase standby or a three-phase standby generator.

A single-phase standby generator is recommended for small businesses and supplies 120 to 240 volts of electricity. A three-phase commercial generator is recommended for businesses running and operating heavy machinery, large HVAC systems, large refrigeration/freezers, etc. and supplies 240 volts or more of electrical current.

For single-phase or three-phase generator installation in Clearwater, contact Hoffman Electrical!

Clearwater’s Trusted Electricians Offering Generac Generator Installation & Repair Services

Never ask, “Where can I find commercial generator services near me?” again! Our electricians can offer commercial backup generator repair and generator installation in Clearwater, FL. Contact us online or give us at 866-238-3243 to schedule your commercial generator services in Clearwater, including installation, repair, or maintenance!

Hoffman Electrical provides:

  • Commercial standby generators in 33755 (Clearwater, FL)
  • Commercial standby generators in 33756 (Clearwater, FL)
  • Commercial standby generators in 33759 (Clearwater, FL)
  • Commercial standby generators in 33760 (Clearwater, FL)
  • Commercial standby generators in 33761 (Clearwater, FL)
  • Commercial standby generators in 33762 (Clearwater, FL)
  • Commercial standby generators in 33763 (Clearwater, FL)
  • Commercial standby generators in 33764 (Clearwater, FL)
  • Commercial standby generators in 33765 (Clearwater, FL)