Commercial Electricians in St. Pete Beach, Florida

Is your business relocating or opening a new location in St. Pete Beach? Or maybe your office is moving buildings or expanding to another floor? Whatever your electrical service needs are, Hoffman Electrical’s commercial electricians can assist. From electrical equipment installation to light pole repair in the St. Pete Beach area, we do it all.

Hoffman Electrical’s commercial electricians offer a full array of electrical services for St. Pete Beach area businesses and commercial properties. We bring over 25 years of industry experience to each and every job, and with our expertise, there is no job we can’t handle.

If you are experiencing electrical issues in your St. Pete Beach area business, contact our commercial electricians to schedule your electrical services.

St. Pete Beach Commercial Electrical Installation

Our licensed commercial electricians will help keep your business’s lights on and ensure your equipment is operating at its optimum performance and code compliant. If you’re constructing a new commercial building in St. Pete Beach, we will design your new lighting system for you!

At Hoffman Electrical, our commercial electricians also install the following throughout the St. Pete Beach, FL area:

Call 866-238-3243 to schedule an appointment for commercial electrical installation in St. Pete Beach, Florida!

Commercial Electrical Repair in St. Pete Beach, FL

Whether we previously installed your business’s electrical equipment or not, we’ll fix your problem. Our electricians work with all types of wiring—both old and new—and there is no such thing as too large of a job.

Our commercial electricians offer the following electrical repair services:

Is your business experiencing an electrical emergency and needs a fast, reliable, and affordable commercial electrician in the St. Pete Beach area? Hoffman Electrical offers 24-hour emergency commercial electrical services. We work around the clock so you don’t have to!

If your business is experiencing an electrical emergency or needs electrical repairs, call our commercial electricians in St. Pete Beach at 866-238-3243.

Commercial Electrical Maintenance

We charge by the job, not by the hour. That means when our licensed electricians stop by your business for a routine check-up or preventative maintenance, your budget won’t suffer! In order for your electrical equipment to operate safely and efficiently, it is best to call a licensed electrician to perform routine maintenance.

Preventative maintenance ensures your equipment is working safely and efficiently—saving you money and keeping your customers and employees safe. Contact us to schedule electrical maintenance for your St. Pete Beach business or office.

St. Pete Beach Commercial Bucket Truck Services

Hoffman Electrical provides a bucket truck (also known as a “boom truck” or “cherry picker”) to complement our other service vehicles throughout the St. Pete Beach area. Reaching four stories high—or approximately 40 feet in the air—our bucket truck allows us to tackle most high-rise jobs with ease.

Our bucket truck services the following:

  • Electrical signs
  • Light poles
  • Outdoor building lighting
  • Ballast replacement or installation
  • Parking or display lot lights
  • Holiday displays
  • And more!

Call Hoffman Electrical for Commercial Electricians in St. Pete Beach, FL

Hoffman Electrical is a family owned and operated business serving the St. Pete Beach, Florida communities since 1989. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff of electricians install, repair, and perform regular maintenance check-ups in St. Pete Beach and the surrounding areas.

Contact us to request commercial electricians in St. Pete Beach, Florida and the surrounding areas.