Why Install a Standby Generator?

Posted on: October 6, 2015

Florida residents, it happens to all of us more often than we’d like. A storm, hurricane, or other catastrophe causes our lights to flicker and the power to go out. Power loss doesn’t just affect the lights—food can begin to spoil in your refrigerator and freezer, cell phone batteries die and are unable to be recharged, furnaces can’t keep your home and your family warm, and hot water to bathe, cook, and clean becomes limited. The list goes on and on. The next time a storm knocks out your power—again—you may find yourself thinking about investing in a standby generator to help you weather the storm.

Reasons to Use a Standby Generator

There are many benefits of installing a standby generator in your Tampa or St. Petersburg home. Unlike a portable backup generator, a standby generator is doing just that—standing by, awaiting its turn to provide power to you and your family. Differences between the two power generators include:

  • A portable backup generator is often rolled out from wherever it’s stored—the garage, shed, etc.—in the event of an emergency. A downside to the portable solution is someone must be present to set it up. If you’re away during the power outage or the outside surroundings of your home are unsafe, all of your important household systems will be cut off from electricity for the duration of the power outage.
  • A standby generator is a more permanent solution where the installed generator resides on a concrete or gravel patch next to your house. Unlike portable backup generators, standby generators do not need to constantly be filled with gas to produce energy for your home. If the power goes out, an electronic switch automatically signals the unit to turn on, keeping all essential household systems and appliances running even if you’re miles away. This option also produces less noise than a portable generator, allowing extra comfort for you and your family while the system is in use.

The weather in Florida has a mind of its own. Don’t let unexpected weather changes disrupt your household. Let us help you prepare your home for unpredictable, prolonged outages with a standby generator to ensure your family’s protection and comfort. Hoffman Electrical & A/C can install a Generac home standby generator that will power your lights during the worst of blackouts, providing 24/7 automatic power protection for Tampa and St. Petersburg homeowners.

Tired of Losing Power in Tampa or St. Pete? Call Hoffman Electrical & A/C for a Solution.

To learn about the different types and sizes of standby generators we offer that match your budget and meet your needs, contact Hoffman Electrical & A/C. Like you, our Florida business is susceptible to the damaging elements of a storm or other weather catastrophe, so we know how important a home standby generator is to riding out a storm. Call us at 866 578-0168 or click here to schedule an appointment today.