Should I Install Motion-Activated Lights?

Posted on: May 8, 2017

Outdoor lighting can serve a variety of purposes, from adding aesthetic appeal, to function, and even to home security. And when it comes to your lighting options, you’re pretty spoiled for choice here in Tampa! Looking for an option that meets all of your criteria, while also keeping energy-efficiency in mind? Let’s talk about motion-activated lighting!

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What Is Motion-Activated Lighting?

It goes by many names, including motion-activated, motion-sensor lights, movement lights, and more. But no matter what you call it, the function remains the same. Motion lighting is designed to detect movement, and when triggered, will turn on, illuminating the nearby area in a cone, radius, or otherwise.

These lighting systems are most frequently marketed as a security lighting system. But while they fit that role admirably, they’re often ignored for the more practical function they serve, which is home and persons safety.

Should I Choose Motion-Activated Lighting?

Assuming it fits what you’re looking for, yes, absolutely. Motion lighting is one of the best ways to add function and safety to your home, and provides a load of great benefits besides. What are all of the benefits of installing motion lighting for your home? How about:

  • Safety. Lighting primarily serves to illuminate. In the case of your yard, landscape, and even driveway, dark invites all kinds of mishaps. Tripping and falls are attributed to a massive chunk of home injuries, many of these happening while attempting to navigate the dark. Motion lighting provides you with a function light source any time you need it, and without you having to even lift a finger.
  • Security. There are also great benefits where security is involved. Motion lighting can act as an immediate deterrent of vandalism and similar crimes, frightening through startle. We would suggest, however, that motion lights be a part of your home security lighting. They’re excellent in augment, but alone can be circumvented.
  • Energy-savings. The biggest drawback of most outdoor lighting, be it switch activated or automated on a time clock, is that it tends to eat up lots of energy. Some decorative lighting can be great, but if you’re relying on the same light source that illuminates your favorite hardscape to also stay on at night for navigation purposes, you’re looking at some seriously bloated energy costs. Motion lights, however, are only on when you actively need them!
  • Less lighting maintenance. Not only does long-term or overnight outdoor light eat up energy; it eats up your bulbs, too. Changing out outdoor light bulbs and replacing worn fixtures can be a considerable added cost. Motion lights can help mitigate this, since their function naturally preserves the bulb, and the fixture sees less routine wear.

Motion Lighting & Outdoor Lighting Options in Tampa, FL

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