Setting the Mood

Posted on: April 15, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere was a time during childhood when, at a friend’s house, the best thing to do was to play with the dimmer switch. At the time, this was the coolest thing in the world. When you had nothing like it at home, you got to enjoy the little things. It was so great; you could dim the lights for a movie or turn them up when you wanted to socialize. Whatever the occasion was, these would set the mood. It was great! It was time to convert more home switches from flicks to dimmers.

If you have never tried to do anything electrical yourself, it can be a wild ride. First you need to find the right hardware. Take a quick trip to the hardware store and find someone who can help. That’s always easier than doing these things alone. The experts can explain how dimmer switches work and how they can save money. None of that matters for this project; you just need the switches changed to relive a personal childhood pleasantry. Finally you find a model with a cover that will look fabulous in your home.

The Moment at Hand

Soon, you are ready to head back and take things apart. It’s easy to get the faces off, but then comes time for the technical parts. It takes a steady hand to work with electronics, but none of that matters if you forget something important. What may happen next is unexpected: a jolt of electricity sends a reminder that the breaker panel has not yet been turned off downstairs. It hurts, but it is nothing serious. It’s time to call in an expert.

When it comes to electricity, no matter how small the job, it’s best to let the trained professional do it. Otherwise you may just wind up hurting yourself.