How to Save Money with Ceiling Fans

Posted on: August 16, 2016

As homeowners in the Tampa area, we’re always looking for ways to improve our overall home comfort and reduce energy use. This can present a particular challenge for Florida residents, as our summers are hot in ways other states only dream of! So is there a way to meet both of these needs—improving comfort while overall reducing energy costs? Yes there is!

At Hoffman Electrical & A/C, we offer ceiling fan installation services to our patrons as an effective, low-cost solution to staying comfortable even on the hottest days. We’re dedicated to your total satisfaction and we have been for decades! So how does a ceiling fan help solve your problems? Well, in a couple ways…

How Ceiling Fans Help You Stay Comfortable

No, they don’t literally cool your home down. A room with an active ceiling fan will likely be the exact same temperature as any other room in the home. So how does it actually help? Well, it doesn’t keep the room itself cooler, but it keeps you considerably cooler. This happens because moving air drops our body’s perceived temperature.

Active air moving across your body aids it in its natural ability to rid itself of internal heat, making you feel cooler by multiple degrees. The amount of “cool feeling” you get is in accordance with the power of your fan, of course. This means that with a fan running, you can feel considerably cooler overall and stay much more comfortable even in warmer homes.

So How Does This Save Energy?

You might be thinking, “Hey, ceiling fans use power, too.” And you wouldn’t be wrong. But your typical ceiling fan (between thirty and forty inches) uses roughly 50 to 100 watts. Your computer almost definitely uses more than that! In fact, many run at 200+ watts just sitting idly.

Compare that to the fact that each single degree of your air conditioner increases its already massive energy consumption by between six and nine percent, and you’re looking at a lot of power and cost per degree. Now with that ceiling fan running, you can be comfortable enough to increase your home’s temperature from, say, 70 to 73. That’s cutting off around 15 percent more energy use from your HVAC system. That is a huge number!

Is it Worth It: Final Verdict

Now, of course, a ceiling fan installation costs money. Especially if you need new wiring. But just taking averages into account, the cost of a ceiling fan versus the savings it can provide for your home makes a fan a definite improvement in energy consumption.

The only way you might have second thoughts or reason to pause would be if you’re planning to move soon. But within a single year, the service has already paid for itself, and you’re dealing with considerably lower energy costs every single summer from here on out!

Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair in Hillsborough & Pinellas County

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