How to Prepare Your Tampa Home for Hurricane Season

Posted on: May 22, 2018

Though we’re currently in the calmer stages of the season, we’re rapidly approaching what can offer some of the wildest and most destructive weather for Tampa area homeowners. Are you prepared for the potential risks of hurricane season? If you aren’t or don’t quite know how to get started, don’t worry! The service team at Hoffman Electrical & A/C takes your safety very seriously, so follow along while we offer some basics and resources to help you out!

Getting Your Hazardous Weather Kit Together

First things first, you’ll want to build out (or if you have one, check) an emergency hazardous weather kit. A simple kit is fairly easy to handle and will take little more than a quick trip to the store, but be sure to include:

  • A minimum of one week’s worth of non-perishable, easy to prepare foods (estimate 1 gallon of water per family member)
  • Medical supplies that include NSAIDs, burn cream, bandages and band-aids, sharp scissors, allergy medication, sanitizer
  • Battery-operated light sources including flashlights and lanterns (never use candles or oil lanterns!)
  • A battery operated radio
  • A tarp and cloth, blankets, etc.

Once your kit is together it is imperative that you build an emergency action plan with your family. Discuss where to go, both while at home and while away. Distribute all relevant emergency phone numbers, including police, fire stations, and medical facilities.

Preparing Your Tampa Home for Hurricane Season

Got a kit together? Good! Now you need to get the house squared away. The primary objective of the task is to minimize potential dangers and ensure all of your structural basics are secure. To do this be sure to:

  • Trim away branches that overhang your roof
  • Stow away smaller lawn fixtures, toys, and other loose items
  • Clean your gutters—and if you lack gutters get them!
  • Consider a roof inspection if you haven’t had one in 3+ years
  • Consider the installation of storm shutters

Preparing Your Tampa Home’s Electrical for Hurricanes

In many cases, a hurricane or hurricane-like weather is surely going to play havoc with your home’s electrical. In other words, you should expect to have to do without it. But this doesn’t necessarily have to be the reality you face, if you’re properly prepared! A whole-home generator that is installed and maintained by a licensed electrician can be the ideal form of protection against hurricane season for a Tampa homeowner.

Not only will a generator keep the lights on and your home safe, it will also avoid food and perishable loss, it will preserve your HVAC functionality, and it will keep your most important appliances running smooth even in the worst weather. Additionally, unlike a portable generator, you can rely on a whole-home generator system to run for weeks if need be. Hurricanes can bring days of power loss on a routine basis, and it can stretch on far longer in the worst cases. But with a generator installed you’re all set with nothing to worry about.

Hurricane Season Electrical Services in Tampa & Sarasota

In need of a team that can offer the emergency whole-home generator system you’ve been looking for? Our Florida service teams are ready to help! Contact us online to find out more, or feel free to call to get answers to any questions you might have!