Pool Lighting Design Ideas

Posted on: May 16, 2016

The pool at your Tampa home is an excellent place to enjoy recreation, to relax, or even to host events and parties. But are you getting the most out of your pool design? The use of light can add not only dynamic appeal to your space, but provides a greater level of safety. Not to mention the fun of a nighttime pool party!

At Hoffman Electrical & A/C, we’re dedicated to providing you with the absolute best. This goes for our services, of course, but it extends to bringing tips, great ideas, and even some design advice too! Our certified electricians have been bringing our Florida consumers the absolute best in pool and hot tub electrical services since 1989, so allow us a moment to show off some cool pool lighting ideas!

Pool Lighting: The Basics

First off, and before we go into any specific designs, there are some basics that need to be covered. With these in place, you have a good base to work from and you avoid any of the usual faux pas of lesser pool lighting individuals.

  • Adequate pool lighting. Have you ever visited a home where the pool has a single, lonely little sphere of light resting dead center of the deep end? Not much light to see by. And not only does it create a safety risk, it also makes the pool look super drab. Utilize multiple in-pool lights to gorgeously illuminate the water of your pool.
  • Adequate space lighting. Now that your pool gives off a cool blue glow, take a look around the area outside of your pool. Is it looking particularly shadowy? Warm up your space and make it more inviting by having dynamic fixtures installed that highlight the beauty of your poolside.
  • Headlights. Ever been stuck on a back road with someone coming the opposite way with the high-beams on full blast? That’s kind of what it’s like when you surface from a pool and get blinded by a flood light aimed directly center of the pool. Use appropriate fixtures that provide adequate light, but be mindful of the quality of light you’re using.

Pool Lighting Design Ideas

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s dive into some fun stuff.

  • Diffuse your light. As a generalized rule, multiple lower-power lights provide a higher quality light than one or two high-power ones. You want a soft, even light setting for your pool area. This way all of the gorgeous facets and features are in clear view and no one’s getting blinded.
  • Highlight the best qualities. This one extends to outdoor lighting in general. Find the best, most attractive features in your pool area and utilize light to create dramatic contrast or spotlighting. This gives you a gorgeous, well-illuminated showpiece!
  • Match colors. Keep in mind the basics of how color interacts with light. If your pool liner or pool tile is a darker color, it will absorb the light you use. If lighter colors are present, they will reflect. Use this to your advantage to either create a relaxed (darker) or exciting (lighter) result for your nighttime pool activities.

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