Do Your Electric Bills Rise During the Winter?

Posted on: November 15, 2016

Whether you love the winter season or you aren’t a fan, there’s one thing that can’t be denied—winter is downright expensive. With your heating system roaring, the holidays coming up, and longer nights, you can find yourself neck deep in utility costs in a real hurry. Looking for easy, effective ways to reduce your energy costs this season? If so, the experts at Hoffman Electrical & A/C have you covered!

Our certified electricians have been proudly serving Tampa and the surrounding areas for decades. When it comes to quality service and products, we’re just hard to beat! And above all else, our experts are here to help. Sometimes that means electrical repair and installation, and sometimes that means just some good old fashioned useful tips.

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Energy-Saving Tips & Tricks for the Winter Season

There are a lot of great ways to shore up your home’s defenses and improve energy use, including:

  • Upgrade your home’s electrical service. When’s the last time you had a full electrical inspection and upgrade service? If it has been a while, your home might be operating very sub-optimally, which can have a huge impact on your electricity consumption.
  • Use ceiling fans. Fans are just for cooling, right? Nope! Ceiling fans can be switched to turn clockwise, which forces room air downward. This can be a very useful function in the winter, as it forces heated air that normally rises (and is thus useless) back down to where you can actually feel it. This means you can drop that furnace’s thermostat by a degree or two, saving up to twenty percent on HVAC energy usage!
  • Weatherize your windows. Whether they’re drafty or not, even new windows are susceptible to a considerable amount of air bleed and thermal transfer. Grab some window winterizing kits of an easy solution or pick up sealing strips or rope caulk to fill in your windows until spring comes around. They’re quick, easy, and come right off in the spring.
  • Get your insulation checked. Insulation is one of the best investments you can make to save energy all year long. Trouble is, most homeowners get an insulation service once, and then consider the matter closed. But insulation degrades over time and can begin to lose effectiveness within years.
  • Consider a humidifier installation. Dry air is very common in the winter and is a normal byproduct of many furnace systems. When the humidity level of your home is too low, you can lose heating efficiency and feel a lot less comfortable. A humidifier offers the perfect solution, both aiding with dry skin and allergies, and improving the warm comfort of your home.
  • Change your furnace’s air filter. Your heating system is going to be working very hard this year. Be sure to keep a fresh air filter in your system to reduce energy use and facilitate better air flow. For the best results, do this monthly!
  • Keep your windows open. Not like, the actual windows. Letting outside air in would just be silly. But letting sunshine in is actually a great idea. Solar energy gives off loads of heat, and harnessing this during the day can help you rely a little less on your furnace system

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