Common Winter Electrical Problems to Watch Out For

Posted on: January 12, 2017

There’s certainly a lot to be enjoyed about a Florida winter season. The mild weather, the festivities—it’s all quite nice. But just because the season brings some advantages doesn’t mean you have nothing to be concerned about regarding your home’s electrical! There are some challenges unique to this time of the year, and at Hoffman Electrical & A/C, our team is dedicated to ensuring you’re completely prepared.

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Electrical Concerns for Florida Homeowners in the Winter

We certainly don’t encounter some of the bigger problems, seeing as a Florida winter is pretty mild overall, but you should still stay wary of these frequent problems:

  • Breaker blowouts and panel problems. Winter tends to eat up a lot more electrical power than the other seasons of the year. Your heater is humming along, more lights see use and for longer periods of time, and you might even be making use of space heaters and electric blankets. Many homeowners run into problems with breaker trips and electrical problems (flickering lights, etc) in the winter. These are a really good first sign that it may be time for a heavy-up!
  • Outdated equipment. And speaking of winter equipment, you might take a moment to inspect those plug-in blankets and space heaters. Severely aged tools like these can be incompatible with modern homes, and thus might cause you some serious home damage, not the least of which could be an electrical fire. If you’re using heating tools that are five years old or older, now might be the right time to go shopping around.
  • Power consuming space heaters. We’d like to single out space heaters for a moment. They’re kinda nice and are particularly handy in climates like ours where some days are outright balmy, but the nights can pull a chill. But be aware that space heaters consume a lot of power. Even low power ones chew up around 700 watts or more, and the stronger ones go up to nearly 2k. Be sure to plug these into dedicated outlets, and be cautious about plugging anything else into the outlet.
  • Power outages. We see our fair share of outages in this season. The storms do it most of the time, but a rogue winter front can knock out the power, too. If your home isn’t protected, you may call on your trusted electrical specialists (and we sure hope that’s us!) to discuss the advantages of a generator installation.

Tackle Winter Electrical Problems in Tampa with Hoffman Electrical & A/C

Is your home equipped to handle the colder season? If not, or if you’re unsure, contact the experts at Hoffman Electrical & A/C online today! Our team is always available to help, and we can assist you in making the right moves in order to prepare your home for the worst all year long.