Ceiling Fan Blues

Posted on: April 8, 2014

ceiling fanIf you have ever had a ceiling fan break on you in the middle of a hot summer night, then you know how devastating an experience it can be. Waking up in a sweaty mess, looking up, and seeing the old fan motionless. It’s annoying, frustrating, and worst of all, uncomfortable. When you finally manage to make it through the night and set off for the hardware store the next morning, you may be surprised at how many options are available when it comes to ceiling fans.

The designs, shapes, number of blades – this is your very first buying decision when it comes to selecting a new ceiling fan for your home, and you may ask yourself, “Does this really matter at all?” What’s worse, you may have no idea how to take down the old fan and replace it with the new one. Luckily, Hoffman Electrical & A/C can help!

Ceiling Fan Installation in Tampa & St. Petersburg, FL

If your hardware store is more than just a pretty face, they’ll have a knowledgeable electrician on board to help you through the options and find the kind of fan you need for the size of the room where it is going to be installed. The electrician may ask you if you are using your ceiling fan the correct way. As it turns out, celing fans can rotate both ways. It is best to have it blowing up in the summer and down in the winter. Who knew ceiling fans were so complicated?

The next step in the process of purchasing and installing your new fan is to call a licensed electrician to perform the dirty work. It only takes about fifteen minutes and is fairly inexpensive.