Bucket Trucks for Electrical Services

Posted on: January 5, 2014

Electricians use bucket trucks in order to make repairs or installations for office buildings, streetlights and electrical signs. These trucks provide a safe and efficient way to access parts of the building that are high above the ground.

Bucket trucks are vehicles that use a hydraulic platform to lift workers into the air. These trucks are typically used by the utility company, the phone company and electricians. The bucket allows the people and the tools they use to be secure as they work in the air. The person in the bucket controls the hydraulic lift from inside. The height makes it possible for the worker to reach and repair electrical lines and streetlights in a safe manner. This type of truck saves a lot of time because of its easy access and its ability to be a mobile tool shed for the workers.

There are safety precautions to adhere to with bucket trucks. The operators need to be trained and certified. The bucket operator is required to wear safety clothing like gloves and hard hats. The trucks are not to be operated in winds that exceed 30mph, and should not hold more than a 300lb load. The truck should not be parked on uneven ground, and the operator should always check that the outriggers are properly positioned.

For commercial electrical services, bucket trucks can be used to install or fix lighting on buildings and repair and maintain the lights of a business’s parking lot. They can also be used for ballast installation and replacement.

When searching for an electrician to maintain business properties, it is important to verify they have a bucket truck and electricians who are qualified to operate it. Hoffman Electrical & A/C is fully licensed by the state of Florida and provides bucket truck services as part of its ability to service Tampa’s electrical needs.