Air Conditioning Services in Tampa, Florida

Keeping a comfortable home in Tampa requires a cooling system that is installed carefully, maintained consistently, and repaired with precision as needed. It takes a quality system and a quality contractor to maintain the comfort levels you need. Hoffman Electrical & A/C is a full-service HVAC company, offering all you need to keep our Florida spring and summer seasons at bay!

Our air conditioner service technicians are dedicated to providing the utmost in customer service and satisfaction. Not only can we service all air conditioner brands and types, but we also offer upfront pricing on every service we provide—we don’t do a job until you know the exact cost of the service.

Count on our AC service company serving Tampa and the surrounding areas for:

air conditioning

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Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement in Tampa, FL

When the time comes to install a new cooling system in your home, you aren’t looking for “good enough.” You want a cooling system that will perform optimally according to your needs, and a system that is going to waste less energy and provide more comfort all at the same time.

At Hoffman Electrical & A/C, our certified AC contractors understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to getting quality cooling. That’s why we perform a full assessment of your needs, taking into account your cooling load, insulation levels, number of windows and doors, and more so that we can expertly match you with the quality cooling system that will suit your home best. We service ductless air conditioners too!

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Air Conditioner Repair Services

Getting by without a properly functioning air conditioning system is a tall order in Tampa. It’s hot, it’s humid, and you need your system working right! Our air conditioner repair teams are expertly skilled, extensively trained, and equipped with the best diagnostic tools available. We offer AC repair services that are both prompt and precise, providing you with a one-stop AC service shop when you need repair.

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Annual AC Maintenance in Tampa & Clearwater

When it comes to keeping costs down, comfort high, and your energy efficiency optimized, it is consistency that gets the job done best. Our streamlined AC maintenance services include all of the cleaning and calibration services your system needs in order to stay in its best shape possible. We offer comprehensive as-needed air conditioner maintenance to Tampa homeowners, as well as customized maintenance programs that provide you with even more value and cooling consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do I Need to Call for AC Repair?

While your impulse may be to hold off for as long as you can before calling for AC repair, the reality is that problems with an air conditioner usually start out small. By calling for service as soon as possible you can usually avoid higher costs by dealing with the problem before it gets out of hand. We recommend calling us for AC repair in Tampa any time you notice:

  • Strange noises coming from the air conditioner
  • Leaking on or under the cooling system or outdoor unit
  • Sharp spikes in cooling or heating costs
  • High humidity in your home

How Often Do I Need to Have My Air Conditioner Serviced?

Scheduling HVAC maintenance once a year for each of your home systems is ideal—that’s one service for your AC and one for your heating system, or two services for a heat pump (since it does both). Keeping up with maintenance improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your HVAC equipment, which contributes to lower energy costs and higher comfort levels.

How Long Should an Air Conditioner Last?

How long any given system will last depends on a variety of factors, including the type of system itself. Provided that you’re keeping up with HVAC maintenance, you usually can expect up to 10 years of dependable service, sometimes 15 or more for heat pump systems.

What Causes an Air Conditioner to Freeze?

Freezing is most commonly caused by restrictions in airflow, such as from a clogged air filter or dirty AC evaporator coils. The problem can also come from a refrigerant leak, damage to the blower assembly and fan, or issues with the condensate drain system.

What Causes AC Leaking?

The most frequent cause of leaking is simply defrosting after a system freezes, or when an AC is forming frost due to one of the problems we listed above. However, leaking can also be a sign of a refrigerant line break as well, so it’s not a problem you want to ignore!

How Can I Save Money on Cooling Costs?

Replacing your air filter frequently, keeping up with HVAC maintenance, and having a well-sealed home are all good, low-cost ways of improving efficiency and reducing heating and cooling costs. If you’re dissatisfied with your energy costs no matter what you do, now might be a good time to call on our Tampa HVAC contractors to discuss the potential savings of AC replacement via an upgrade.

What Is a Ductless HVAC System?

Ductless systems are a type of split air conditioning and heating system that utilizes one outdoor unit connected to one or more (up to four) wall-mounted indoor units. The indoor units are small, and connect to the outdoor unit using refrigerant lines and wiring. Because each indoor unit houses its own blower assembly, they don’t need to use ducts. Ductless systems are highly efficient, quiet, and offer excellent versatility.

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Hoffman Electrical & A/C has been providing quality customer service and unbeatable solutions to Florida homeowners since 1989. Whether you need timely AC repair, a routine tune-up, or a completely new cooling system, we are the quality-focused HVAC service team you can trust.

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